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The Doll House











































presents a special Paranormal Investigation
event at the historic & haunted...

A Haunted Evening at Paletta Mansion
Burlington, Ontario

Saturday, February 11, 2017
8:00 - 11 pm
(check in at 7:45 pm)



Saturday, March 11, 2017
8:00 - 11 pm
(check in at 7:45 pm)

Join your host, Stephanie "Spooky Steph" Lechniak,Founder/Owner of Haunted Hamilton, and the HH Spooky Misfit Crew for a fun and informative evening at one of Burlington, Ontario's most haunted locations, Paletta Mansion (The McNichol Estate).



Paletta Mansion is the former estate home of Edythe Merriam MacKay and her daughter Dorothy (MacKay) McNichol, the two most prominent and active spirits at Paletta.

In 1809 the Crown granted Lot 8, Concession IV to Laura Secord, the War of 1812 heroine who was highly influencial in the British defeat at the Battle of Lundy's Lane. Laura Secord never lived on the 14 acre property but rather, conveyed the lot in 1810 to John Beaupre.

It passed through many hands up until 1912 when Leaman Wilson, the owner since 1905 sold it to Cyrus Albert Birge, a promiment businessman and founding board member of the Canadian Steel Company (Stelco). In 1929, he left his entire fortune and estate to his daughter, Edythe. She used this inheritance to build the present mansion in the same location where an original farm house used to be.

Edythe MacKay's daughter Dorothy (MacKay) McNichol and her husband Dr. Wallace McNichol were married in the mid 1930's at the estate, which was during this time, used as a summer residence. Upon Dorothy McNichols death in 1987, the home was left to her five children, who sold it to the City of Burlington in 1990.

The mansion sat boarded up and abandoned for almost a decade until plans were put in place to restore the home to it's former glory and transform it into a beautiful reception and event space officially since 2001.



Paletta Mansion is home to several ghosts, the most prominent being Edythe and Dorothy. Edythe's spectral demeanor seems to be more of a stern woman, while the interesting point about Dorothy's ghost... she only appears in the form of herself as a child. Most believe that this is because her most cherished and happy times were at the estate so perhaps it's how she chose to come back from the afterlife.

The Dollhouse is shown on the original estate plan from 1930 and was built as a playhouse for Dorothy MacKay as a young child. It is a miniature one-room framed bungalow structure, clad with narrow clapboard siding, similar to that on the Gatehouse, Stables, Carriage House, and Barn, all which currently sit on the property. The Dollhouse also had running water and electricity.



Haunted Hamilton has rare and exclusive access to the entire Paletta Mansion AND outside grounds for the entire evening. Bring any investigation tools if you have them and don't forget to bring your camera too!

We will also have some of our investigation tools on hand for live demonstrations, tips, tricks & techniques!


Don't forget to bring some extra cash! We will have various items for sale including Ghost Meter PRO's, Haunted Hamilton Merch, Ghost Poop, and Fun Souvenirs!


Paletta Mansion
& Lakefront Park
4250 Lakeshore Road
Burlington, ON

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NOTE: This event, in past years, has SOLD OUT every single time in just a few days! Get your tickets before it's too late!

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Saturday, February 11, 2017
8:00 - 11 pm
(check in at 7:45 pm)


Saturday, March 11, 2017
8:00 - 11 pm
(check in at 7:45 pm)


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The window where the
ghostly apparition of a
woman has been seen!































The WW1 Bomb Shelter
located in the basement of
the mansion! You'll have access
To investigate this too!






























Interior of the WW1 Bomb Shelter
located in the basement of
the mansion! You'll have access
To investigate this too!

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